"Sharon and Holly did a fantastic job for my daughter's wedding shower. If you want to capture precious memories - hire them!!!!!"
Courtney and Matthew’s Wedding Shower
Scott [Father of the Bride]
Courtnet & Matthew's Wedding Shower
"As one of the top rated wedding reception facilities in the Lake and McHenry county area, I must tell you I was SO IMPRESSED ........when I saw the wedding album created by Sharon and Holly I was completely blown away! The attention to detail, the care and passion of these 2 ladies instantly jumps off the pages! When they shared with me the wedding album from the country theme wedding from earlier this month I instantly I said to them "I have got to have this for brides I work with". The traditional wedding album from normal wedding photo studios with the matte finish and the pages of professionally retouched photos is what many brides want, but if you want something that says passion and love and warm fuzzy feelings from your event day, these 2 ladies are your answer. I have recommended these ladies to no less than half a dozen brides this week, and some I might not even end up doing business with, but as I showed them the pictures and the story behind the wedding album I said to each of them......."wouldn't you love to be able to say this wan your day and this is the wedding album you have to remember it"? Awesome is the word that keeps coming to mind as I turned the pages from this wedding album. Instead of the traditional fancy adding album that sits on a bookshelf, this is a keepsake you will WANT to share with your friends and family and keep forever. Take the time to call these ladies and see what they can do for you.........it will overwhelm you when you see the finished product they did for this couple!"
Impressed With Wedding Album
Jerry (Parkway Banquets)
Ladies of Scrapping On The Spot .......... The job you did was astonishing and amazing! Anyone that hires you for their event will be forever grateful. Working with u was easy going and delightful, then to see that book grow into and capture the awesome story of the event was unbelievable. Seeing it presented at the end of the evening to the bride & groom, left us speechless. Continue the great job u r doing, I know having Scrapping on the Spot at our event. Definitely was one of the things that made the event so special! "One of the Greatest Ideas to Date"
One of the Greatest Ideas to Date
Jeff & Sandy [Parents of the Groom]
Kim & Adam's Wedding
"I was definitely crying when I starting looking through the book, I had to go back and read all the notes because I could not see through the tears. This scrapbook is the prized possession from our wedding! Holly and Sharon you rock!" 
Kim and Adam’s Wedding
Kim Miller
Kim and Adam's Wedding
" Thanks again! What a great picture (on FB). And thank you for the amazing job you did on Nicole's scrapbook."
Nicole and Phil’s Wedding Shower
Nicole & Phil's Wedding Shower
"I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience with Kelly's graduation memory book. Kelly absolutely loved it, her whole family loved it, everyone at her graduation party loved it! Pat yourselves on the back big time because you really did something beautiful, special and personal. I can't thank you enough and look forward to doing business with you in the future!"
Kelly’s Graduation Album
Iris T.
Kelly's Graduation Album
"Sharon I just wanted to say what a wonderful, perfect gift this was. Skye will cherish it forever and Jonathon will enjoy seeing all the people that welcomed him with such awesome gifts, prayers and well wishes. We are truly blessed to have such great family and friends. Thank you for adding your special touch."
Skye and Jon’s Baby Shower
Connie (Skye's Mother)
" Thank you SOOO MUCH for our beautiful scrapbook!!!! It is the greatest keepsake and we will cherish it and our cd full of the great pictures forever! I LOVE IT!!!!!! what a great night! I look through our beautiful album all the time!!!!"
Patty and Mike’s Wedding Shower
Patty & Mike's Wedding Shower
We met a lady at the McHenry College Craft Fair (first year we participated) and a lady asked us to make an explosion book for her grandson. It was going to be used as project for him to do to put pictures in with his canine and best friend Gunner. "Dear Sharon -- the book arrived in great shape and we love it!!!! Thanks for leaving the stickers for my grandson to place. He will have so much fun doing that. I will definitely keep you in mind when special scrapbooks are in order. You do a great job -- Thank you so much. Martie" martiewashburn@yahoo.com
Birthday Explosion Book
A member of the McHenry Bridal Group asked us to make a birthday explosion book for their mother-in-law. She was going to present it to her as a gift at a party the family was holding. "OMG she was so surprised she was in tears! It was awesome. She's still talking about how grateful she is and she loved the explosion book. Thanks again!! Vickie Kosydar vkosy@hotmail.com
Project Explosion Book
"I am SO excited to see my pictures and have looked at my scrapbook you girls made me EVERY DAY! I LOVE IT! I will be sure to keep spreading the word about you guys and hope to get you more business and of course...once we start having babies we will be seeing you then! :) Take care and thank you so, so much for EVERYTHING you did to make my shower absolutely perfect! It wouldn't have been captured the way it did without you girls!" - Lauren
Lauren and David’s Wedding Shower
"Sharon & Holly, My family and I want to thank you guys so much for everything! My aunt and uncle (actually everybody) loved the album and frame. A few people kept asking what were you and Holly were doing in the back corner. We've never had anything like this ever done before. I was positive everything wasn't going to go as planned, but in the end, everything turned out so beautiful. Thank you once again and we look forward seeing you to future family events;) I am going to have to call Jami and thank her too for recommending me to you. You guys were the best! I love, love, love the album. It's time to show it off to our family members." - Lyn
25th Wedding Anniversary