Ted_Bobbie’s_50th_Wedding_Anniversary_The Happy Couple
Weddings are a very special time marking the beginning of new adventures and the promise of everlasting love.  Wedding Anniversaries bring testimony to the journey through married life — it celebrates successes and the establishment of family.

Ted and Bobbie continue to share a wonderful journey — they have just celebrated 50 years of marriage.

Their family organized a surprise celebration for them and gathered over 100 family and close friends together to share this special day in their lives.   Many family members traveled from other states to be there.  Adding even more of a special touch to the day was the fact that Bobbie’s entire bridesmaid party was there as well as Ted’s closes high school buddies.  As guests arrived, they were greeted to a Ted and Bobbie as they looked on their wedding day — a full life cutout of them with Bobbie’s actual wedding gown being brought out of storage and carefully placed on her cutout!

And no 50th Wedding Anniversary would be complete if it didn’t involve renewing vows!  Their parish priest arrived to conduct the ceremony — there was a hush as they recited the vows they took on their original wedding day, and when the words, “You may now kiss the bride” were said, applause and shouts of happiness filled the air.

Ted and  Bobbie are definitely surrounded by so many people who love them and we are sure that they  were filled with happiness and appreciation for all they have shared together.  We were so honored to be a  part of their very special celebration and given the opportunity of turning  their moments into a lasting  keepsake.

CONGRATULATIONS!! We wish you a continued lifetime of love and happiness!