We just love being part of celebrations where so much creativeness goes into planning and decorating — this wedding shower definitely showed love on every table! The theme was a beach destination wedding and the Bride-to-Be chose sea green and sea blue as her colors. When Stephanie and Anthony arrived and saw the banquet room, they were greeted with a small peek of what their wedding day would look like.

Each table was decorated with a green chiffon overlay with sea shells scattered around the floral centerpieces and at the bottom of each vase that displayed large bunches of hydrangeas and tall springs of soft purple flowers. Off to the side was a table with handcrafted items — soaps with sea shells for each of the guests and wooden hangers for each Bridesmaid. Each hanger was decorated with a lovely chiffon bow and was personalized with their name and the date of the wedding.

The Mother of the Bride did an outstanding job of planning everything from start to finish to make the day warm and inviting. There were a few shower games which all guests loved — they guessed Stephanie and Anthony’s ages in various pictures, guessed who first said “I love you,” and answered various questions about the happy couple that produced lots of giggles and laughs. It was an intimate gathering of close family and friends held at Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano – Algonquin with extremely professional staff and excellently prepared food. All guests were made comfortable with the service and could be heard complimenting their meals.

CONGRATULATIONS Stephanie and Anthony! We wish you continued happiness in your new life as Husband and Wife !

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