Celebrating the arrival of a newborn is such a happy occasion!   Nearly 100 guests gathered at the Empress Banquets located in Addison, IL  to bestow Pina & John with a shower of hugs, gifts and wishes of happiness and love.  The parents-to-be already know that a little girl is on the way so the banquet room was decorated in bright pink — from the flowers on the tables to a cute “sweets table” that had lots of yummy chocolates and assorted candies to indulge in.

Upon entering the room, guests were greeted with a table displaying a framed ultrasound of the new arrival and along side of it were shower favors — cute little sugar bowls that said “Sugar & Spice” on one side and “Everything Nice” on the other side.  A true testament to what little girls are made of !

We were busily taking pictures until there was a huge rumble … a terrible storm had moved into the area.  The lights flickered then steadied and everyone sighed in relief.  We continued to take pictures until, without warning… all power was lost!  Many of the guests went out into the hall area to witness a torrent of rain.  While all this was happening the staff of the banquet hall hurriedly placed candles on all of the tables and made the best of this act of nature.   And yes, the pictures continued to be taken thanks to our trusty flash!  The moment was captured and proving that everyone had a an enjoyable time regardless of the situation.

Pina & John are truly loved — all of their family and friends stayed until the very end and had a good time even though the storm had left the entire area without power.

We wish you all the very best as you begin this new chapter in your lives!