The patio banquet room at Chandler’s Chop House and Banquets in Schaumburg is a perfect place to hold an intimate wedding shower with family and close friends… and Patty & Mike felt that way too when they reserved it for their wedding shower. The room was decorated with care and the tables were filled with special items to remember the day.

The Bride-to-Be was dressed in a beautiful white dress and all of the bridesmaids were dressed in brilliant summer colors.  The solarium feel of the room along with the brilliant dresses and decorations provided a feeling of celebration and happiness.

We were impressed by many things that afternoon … the warmth that everyone shared with each other, the admiration expressed to the happy couple and the generosity bestowed upon them.  Another thing that really impressed us the was small “memory table” located just inside the entryway to the room — it had a number of picture books they had created throughout the years and other memorabilia.  As we looked across the table, we realized just how much people appreciate our services, because there amongst everything dear to them, was the event scrapbook we created for their celebration gathering with friends and acquaintances earlier this year.

Congratulations Patty & Mike! We hope your future continues to be filled with the same warmth and love as you experienced this day!