Pastor Aaron started Sunday’s service with the baptism of Noah and Ryder. He called on all of the children of the congregation and sit in from of the baptismal bowl and witness the event. Their parents, Amy and Bryan, stood closely to them and were beaming from ear to ear as were their Godparents. It was a very beautiful service and after the baptism ceremony had concluded, Pastor Aaron took Bryan and the boys for a walk down the aisle to introduce them to the congregation. A round a applause rose to welcome them.

Afterwards, family and friends gathered at Amy and Bryan’s house to celebrate this life event. There was a huge spread of homemade goodies and the children happily played on the swing set and trampoline in the back yard.

It was a beautiful day for pictures and we took family portraits in front of the trees and bushes lining the front yard. The day was full of smiles and we had such a fabulous time capturing their moments and creating their event scrapbook.

Thank you Amy and Bryan for welcoming us into your family for the day and sharing in the joy of this very special day.

We wish Noah and Ryan a lifetime of blessings!

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