We just love surprises….. especially when WE are the surprise!!  That’s exactly what happened this day as Nicole’s Aunt surprised the happy couple with an event scrapbook of their wedding shower!!

The wedding shower was held in one of the upper rooms of the Makray Country Club in Barrington.  The room opens up to an outdoor terrace with a stunning view of the Makray Golf Course that made the perfect setting for many of the pictures we took that day.

Nicole & Phil enjoyed the day with approximately 60 of their close family members and friends.  The room was decorated by family members who did a stellar job of adding some very special touches to each of the tables. They did something very unique… they created a “sweets” table with assorted chocolates, candies and popcorn — all donned with Nicole & Phil labels created in their wedding colors.

During the afternoon, Nicole filled the tables with various photos of both her and Phil.  Each table to had to guess when the picture was taken and what the occasion was.  There were lots of guesses and giggles until the correct answer was shouted out.  Nicole  had a great time watching everyone looking at their photos and trying to figure out the right answer.

When all had finished, Nicole’s Aunt presented her with her event scrapbook.  All of the ladies of the family gathered around to view each of the pages and recount the moments that has just taken place.  Nicole was so appreciative and so happy to have been able to take home everything she needed to remember their special day.

Congratulations Nicole & Phil !  Wishing you happiness joy and love as you start a new chapter in your life !