The room was filled with 80+ excited ladies waiting for Lizette and Jesse to arrive so they could all scream SURPRISE!!   Minute by minute text message updates were being sent to Lizette’s sister who planned and organized the entire day.  The attention to detail was amazing — 4 separate cakes — each a different flavor and each spelling out BABY — a gift table decorated with a huge doll house and a clothes line donning various baby clothes, a beautiful 3 course meal and balloons and table decorations that all came together in a Winnie the Pooh theme.

Shhhh …. here they come ……  everyone was so quiet you could hear a pin drop on the carpeting.  The door slowly opens …. and Lizette and Jesse walk in ….. SURPRISE !!!!!!  The room then became a beehive of hugs, special greetings and wishes for the guests of honor who will have their first child in just a few months.

The event scrapbook that we created for the new soon-to-be new parents was done in the Winnie the Pooh theme, with Winnie, Tiger, Piglett and other Pooh friends appearing on many of the pages.  Guests were so excited to be able to sign a special note card on each of the pages… and so did Lizette and Jesse.

It was a special moment to watch Lizette turn each page and see the photos that were just taken.  When she came to the last page, she saw that it was empty and looked up at us with a confused expression.  When she looked at the page again, she realized that it was purposely left that way so they can place the first photo of them with their new daughter.   She was extremely happy that she was able to take a completed scrapbook home with her along with all of the photos from the day.

CONGRATULATIONS Lizette and Jesse!  We wish you love and happiness as you embark on the journey of parenthood