Beautiful. This is the word that really described this entire day.

Liliana was baptized at St. Marcelline Church in Schaumburg, IL.  It’s a beautifully designed church with an alter area that is round and positioned in the center of the church and rows of pews. extending out from it like the sun’s rays.  Her parents, godparents, grandparents and other family members filled many of the seats with 3 other infants being baptized that afternoon.

The priest delivered a fantastic sermon about the importance of life and it’s connection with God.  He then proceeded to the baptismal waters to describe it’s significance and how it was used to baptize Jesus Christ.  It was then that he called Liliana and her family to join him.

She was so relaxed throughout the afternoon that she actually fell sound asleep.  It wasn’t until the baptismal waters showered her head, did she wake up.  She squirmed a bit, but then promptly fell back to sleep after her head was dried and remained asleep until reaching the restaurant where the celebration luncheon was held.

It was a beautiful day, beautiful church, beautiful girl and beautiful family.  We were so honored to be a part of their special day and turn it into a long lasting keepsake.

May God always watch over your Liliana !