Laura & Michael live in Washington and flew in to attend their wedding shower that was organized by her family and friends.  When they walked through the front door of Vincitori’s Restaurant in Westmont, they were warmly greeted with smiles, hugs and congratulatory wishes.  Just moments before, the tables were being decorated with flowers, shower gifts and small boxes of hand-made toffee.   The theme of the shower was “Two Hearts Become One” with lots of heart decorations, balloons and similar references..  One of the shower gifts placed near each place setting was a set of measuring spoons in the shape of hearts!  Each spoon had an engraved saying like:  “A pinch of joy,” “A heap of love” and “A spoonful of affection.”

Laura’s cousin, Barbra was the main organizer of the shower and knew that an event scrapbook would be the perfect way to capture the day and provide Laura  with something she could take back with her to Washington the following day.  The first page of Laura’s event scrapbook carried the theme of the day and ended with a copy of her wedding invitation.

The intimate affair began with drinks and mingling, hugs and laughs, stories and happy conversations of wedding plans.  Guests then moved to their assigned places and enjoyed a beautifully prepared 3 course meal and was completed by a beautiful wedding shower cake and long dessert table of home-made cookies and desserts.

So many moments were captured … a special moment with a Great Great Aunt, an eskimo kiss between the happy couple, a Charlie’s Angels pose with the Bride-to-Be and her Bridesmaids and traditional group photos.  We think one of the most memorable one for Laura will be the photo of her holding a handkerchief.  This is no ordinary handkerchief… it’s one that was given to Michael’s Great Great Gramdmother and has been handed down to each generation.  It was presented to Laura to carry on the tradition and was accompanied by the most beautifully written card that brought many of the guests to tears.

Congratulations Laura & Michael — may your hearts always beat as one !