Wedding showers always show much of the future Bride & Groom’s personality. Kristie and Chris’s wedding shower was intimate, relaxed, informal and very inviting. Friends and family helped to bring warmth to the gathering by bringing handmade table decorations of freshly cut flowers in decorative mason jars, homemade baked goods, “advice” cards and decorative clothes pins to be used with lots of sparkles to play a game later in the day.

Laughter started to fill the intimate banquet room as over 60 family and friends began arriving. Kristie and Chris greeted each one with warm hugs and smiles — their day had officially begun!

As guests selected their seats, the brides maids were busily making sure that everything ran to plan. The overflowing gift table was neatly stacked, guests had their decorative clothes pins and the advice cards were being circulated to everyone. Most of the activities were in place before the buffet table was readied with an assortment of wood oven pizzas that catered to everyone’s tastes.

Although the afternoon was very busy, the happy couple managed to spend just a few quiet moments together. It was a perfect way to balance out an already beautiful day and for us to capture a few more special moments to add to their memory album.

CONGRATULATIONS Kristie and Chris! We wish you a wedding day filled with even more special moments and a lifetime of love and happiness !!