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This was a beautifully planned country style wedding that transformed the family’s backyard into an elegant outdoor venue with a hand-made wedding alter constructed by the groom and hand-made decorations designed by the bride.  They transformed wooden pallets into signs, created table centerpieces with candles, gourds, horse shoes and autumn leaves.  Hay bales were decorated with pumpkins, horse saddles and a variety of special touches.

Lights hung from the trees casting different hues — plain strings of white lights, strings of mason jars with larger white lights in each one, and still other strings of lights wrapped around massive tree trunks.  Softly lit lantern lights and strings of tiny white lights decorated the inside of the large marquee waiting for guests to celebrate the day.

Your first impression was that a wedding planner had been hired to put this setting together and if you were to guess that, you would be wrong.  Kim planned the entire thing and put love into every detail.  As soon as you walked down the drive, you were immediately greeted with warmth.  But even though we congratulated her for organizing such a fabulous event, she quickly added that it could not have been possible without the help and dedication of her friends and family who spent several days before and after the wedding helping to make their dream a reality.

Adam and his groomsmen were ready about an hour before the bride and her bridesmaids arrived to take their turn in getting ready for the day.  They were a handsome bunch dressed in black suits, cowboy boots and cowboy hats. Although Adam seemed composed he was secretly excited to see his girl and kept stealing glances at the back door.

Mother Nature blessed them with a downpour of rain about one hour before the ceremony.   The backup plan to move the wedding ceremony into the backyard marquee was nearly put into action, when the rain stopped just short of a half hour before the event was to begin.  Their dream of getting married outdoors and under the huge willow tree came true!

It was an absolutely beautiful wedding ceremony commencing with their good friend singing “From This Moment“– Kim and Adam could not stop smiling as they stood before the pastor.  He delivered his message and read their love filled messages to each other:  The 10 Things That I Love About You.   The ceremony ended with releasing beautiful white doves that are trained to return home provided by White Dove Release http://www.wdrelease.com/

Guests moved into the marquee to begin the celebrations that lasted well into the evening.  There was dancing, there was singing, there were hugs and handshakes.  And there was the moment we presented them with their wedding event scrapbook — a country style leather scrapbook with country style pages to replicate the warmth and happiness of the day.

Kim and Adam:  Thank you so much for choosing us to capture your day.  We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness as you start the next chapter in your lives.