Kelly’s Aunt and Godmother wanted to give Kelly something very special for her high school graduation.   Being extremely involved in sports throughout all 4 years of her high school life, Kelly accumulated lots of pictures and newspaper clippings that were stored in various places.  Her Aunt knew that one of our event scrapbooks would be the perfect gift, but wondered if we could create a scrapbook with all of her existing pictures and mementos.

Our response:  “Absolutely !!”

Using Kelly’s school colors, we mapped out each of the sports that she was involved in, then went to work and filled each of the pages with small pieces of her high school life.  We carefully cut out and treated each of the newspaper articles with an archiving protection spray, placed them on cardstock mats and created themed pages that captured the spirit of the game.  We were also provided with prom night and graduation photos from this year that conveyed the feeling of achievement.

Kelly received her surprise at her graduation party.  Although we weren’t there to see her reaction, her Aunt filled us in at the excitement over it.  Her aunt called us and said:

Thank you for the wonderful book you created for Kelly.  She absolutely loved it, her family loved it and everyone at the graduation party loved it.  It was a raving success!  The two of you should really pat yourself on the back for the fantastic job you’ve done.  You really did something very nice, special and personal.  I can’t thank you enough!”

Congratulations on your achievement Kelly — we wish you a bright and successful future !!