Reading novels about childhood sweethearts who have traveled separate life journeys only to come back together and fall back into love years later may seem to be just that … a story. But not for Jackie and JD. They are the very people that love stories are written about. Jackie and JD were the childhood sweethearts that shared many of the moments we have read about… going to the movies, sharing their first ice cream sundae, JD teaching Jackie how to play the guitar and sharing their very first kiss together.

Life sent them on different paths, they married and raised their families in different states. Just over fifty years later, life again placed events in their lives to bring them back together. Both of them were living life on their own and through the power or social media, reconnected via friends of friends. You can only imagine the butterflies they would have felt, knowing that they still cared for each other years later!

Today, Jackie and JD shared their wedding vows and closed the circle that life drew for them at the Living Waters Lutheran Church in Crystal Lake, IL. They were surrounded by their closest family members and friends and put their own touches to the ceremony by having both of their families pouring sand together and returning to the church after exiting the ceremony to dismiss each of the rows, giving them an opportunity to thank each person for sharing their day.

While the catering was being organized and people found places to sit, Jackie brought JD over to the cake table to surprise him with a smaller special cake she had made just for him. A 2-tier cake topped with a mock ice cream sundae in a waffle cone bowl. When he saw it, he smiled the biggest smile and beamed with emotion because they had lots of great times while sharing these types of sundaes.

The Scrapping on the Spot team was so honored to capture their day, and as we did, we could feel the love that filled the room. It was an amazing afternoon … and an amazing love story!

CONGRATULATIONS Jackie and JD !! We are wishing you both love and happiness to you and your families as you continue life’s journey together!!

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