Heidi and Rick’s Wedding Day
This happy couple knew they were meant for each other from the moment they met and knew their search for that special someone had finally been realized. Rick and Heidi picked the most beautiful of days to get married — a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and a soft breeze. That combined with beautiful bridal party and a heart-warming ceremony, made it an absolutely amazing day.

In more cases than not, the groom leaves most of the wedding day details to his bride-to-be, but this wedding was different as Rick and Heidi shared the excitement of planning their day out together. The result: A color theme of white and a dazzling shade of blue, ceremony programs they designed and produced, a time schedule of when things were to happen and an enjoyable afternoon / evening of food and celebrations.

While their day unfolded, we captured their special moments and presented them with a beautiful event scrapbook that told their story.

CONGRATULATIONS Heidi and Rick! We wish you all of the very best as you begin a new chapter in your lives!

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