Eliz didn’t know that Scrapping on the Spot would be at her Bridal Shower until she arrived that day.  Her cousin wanted to give her a special gift and arranged an event scrapbook to remember  her special day.  She listened with anticipation as her cousin told her what was about to happen — Eliz was happy to hear that the next few hours would be captured with various photographs, but we knew she would be in for a great surprise at the end of the afternoon.

We immediately began capturing her day and started looking for the important people to feature prominently in her scrapbook. CLICK! Bride and Bride’s Mother.   CLICK! Bride and Maid of Honor.  CLICK! Godmother and Bride.  CLICK! Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom.  CLICK! Bridal Party toast.

As the afternoon continued and the mimosas flowed freely, pictures were quietly being printed out … note cards and tags were being filled out…. her event scrapbook was being assembled  — all while Eliz was experiencing the time of her life.

Our excitement levels started to rise as the scrapbook was completed — we couldn’t wait to see Eliz’s reaction when her cousin presented it to her.  She opened it to the first photo and drew in her breath — tears filled her eyes as she began to turn each page.  It was then, she fully realized the beauty of her event scrapbook.  It was an immediate keepsake of her day!  One that she could take home with her and begin sharing with family members and friends … and one that would help her re-live the great time she shared with the 50 people who attended her bridal shower.

After everyone dried their eyes (yes, us too!) we wished the Eliz all of the very best of futures and began packing up.

It was indeed a great day.