ABC … that’s what the main theme of today’s baby shower held for the upcoming birth of Denise and Michael’s triplets!  They will be the proud parents of 2 boys and 1 girl and until their names are announced, these little bundles of joy are being called babies A, B and C. Another cute reference given to them by the family are 3 Peas in a Pod.

The shower decorations carried both of these themes with really cute and thoughtful things like a hand-made ABC diaper cake, a hand painted picture of 3 peas in a pod, a soft plush toy of 3 peas in a pod and ABC baby bottles and confetti, ribbons and a shower umbrella.  The banquet venue graciously provided the use of huge decorative ABC blocks and 6 foot stork which really helped add to the greatness of the theme.

There were lots of activities to keep all 60 guests busy and were asked to participate in guessing how many pieces of candy were in the 3 large ABC baby bottles, advice cards to fill out and there were journaling books provided to each table to record things that were said while the Mom and Dad-to-Be opened their many presents. Another thing that kept many of the guests busy was writing out the notes and tags that were placed in their event scrapbook — so many cute and heart-felt messages filled their pages!

The shower was a great success thanks to the personalized attention of Vivian at the White Eagle Banquet hall.  The serving staff were extremely professional and provided stellar service.  If you haven’t experienced true polish food, this is the place to go to sample pierogies, polish sausage and sauerkraut and all of the trimmings in their restaurant area — excellent quality food.

CONGRATULATIONS Denise and Michael!  We wish you countless happy memories as you begin the new chapter of parenthood!

2 thoughts on “Denise and Michael’s Baby Shower

  1. Thanks so much, Sharon and Holly, for capturing our special day with such attention to detail! We also appreciate how you did it without disrupting the festivities. We love the scrapbook — it turned out great.

    Thanks again… and keep on scrapping! 🙂

    Denise & Michael Fortin

  2. Very impressive work indeed. I am amazed that Denise and Mike walked away from the event with a completed scrapbook that included pictures of all their guests and even comments and well wishes from many of the guests. Well done!

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