It was the first wedding shower we attended where the Bride-to-Be wore a tutu … and she looked fabulous! When Danielle walked in, you could hear everyone commenting to each other on how cute and adorable she is. Once she and Dan arrived, the warmth and happiness of their wedding shower had officially started.

Lots of love went into organizing the afternoon with many family members showed their creative talents by making beautiful handcrafted decorations: burlap and lace table accents, a memory chalkboard, a shower umbrella, wall banners and Bride and Groom chair banners. We created a multi-media scrapbook that carried their theme containing a few traditional scrapbook pages, but was also accented with interactive pages and tabs that require you to flip open and pull out tags or pages for journaling love notes and the favorite things and memories from the day.

There were many memorable moments made that day. One of them was while they were opening gifts — Dan didn’t realize that he had to be careful about breaking any ribbons and quickly learned about it when Danielle gave out a surprised scream. Everyone had a great laugh when this particular present turned out to be a Bullet food processor … someone suggested that it would come in handy to make baby food! 🙂

CONGRATULATIONS Danielle and Dan ! We hope your life together is filled with joy and happiness!


P.S. There’s a video of the multi-media scrapbook we created on our Facebook page to show what it looked like before we added the memories of their day. Check it out and post a comment to let us know if you like it!


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