It’s every girl’s dream to have a Cinderella wedding and today was the day that Crystal’s dream came true. She was married to her handsome Prince Timothy and was surrounded by 9 Princesses and Princes and was delivered and whisked away in a white horse-drawn Cinderella carriage.

Each Princess wore a dress representing the dress color for their assigned Disney Princess. Their Princes wore black suits and ties that matched their Princesses’ dress color. They were stunning! But even more stunning was Crystal’s wedding dress …. beautifully full with an extremely long and flowing veil. She was truly Cinderella status.

The event was held at the elegant Nippersink Golf Resort in Wisconsin with a lovely outdoor wedding gazebo and warm banquet rooms. The tables had been carefully decorated with centerpieces representing each of the 9 Princesses, flowers and other special touches. Silhouette posters of each Princess and Prince were placed around the room on easels and decorated with white roses.

This was an exciting day for us! Not only because of the wedding theme, but because the Mother of the Bride wanted this to be a surprise present from her. We took pictures “under cover” and worked in a room that was in another area of the resort. Throughout the evening, the bridal party and other family members tip-toed to where we worked to write their words of love and luck on their tags.

We chose a Once Upon a Time scrapbook album and carried this theme throughout by dedicating a 2 page spread to each of the Princesses and Princes. Each page was decorated with things that represented each Princess and special pages were created dedicated to the Bride and Groom.

When the wedding album was completed, we boxed it up, tied a ribbon around it and the Mother of the Bride gave it to her that night as a special surprise. Crystal and Timothy were totally amazed at their instant keepsake and could not stop smiling — and neither could we!

CONGRATULATIONS!! We wish the both of you a lifetime filled with dreams that continue to come true.

To see Crystal and Timothy’s Wedding album, click here:  Crystal and Timothy’s Wedding Album.


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