What do you get when approximately 75 women gather together bearing gifts?  The makings of a fabulous wedding shower!  And that’s just what Amy & Greg’s Wedding Shower was — a fabulous gathering of family and friends who made sure that their shower would be one to remember.  Beautiful votive lamps were placed on each table along with large goblets that held decorative beads and live fish!

The Mother of the Groom added a special touch… an event scrapbook!  She took great care in planning out the order of the pages and advising us of what Amy would like to have included.  It was a pleasure putting it together as Amy likes lots of bling … and we enjoy working with it!    It came together with lots of  burgundy, black and white and included several of our handmade embellishments.

The banquet hall at Jameson’s Charhouse was cozy and provided a very intimate setting for the event.  There was plenty of room to move around and ample room for the cake and gift table areas.  Amy & Greg were showered with so much love that afternoon — they are truly loved by their friends and family.

CONGRATULATIONS!!   We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!

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