The joy of exchanging wedding vows is one of the most important events to take place in anyone’s lifetime. It marks a new beginning of life together, new experiences and the prospect of planning and achieving great things.

This past weekend, Maria del Rosario and JoseLuis celebrated their love for each other by renewing the wedding vows they took 25 years ago. They strolled down memory lane with a full re-enactment of their wedding day with bridesmaids, groomsmen and all of the festivities  that go with a wedding celebration.

The happy couple were radiant as they entered the banquet hall to the applause of nearly 250 people who came to share their event. They were reflective as the priest blessed them and took them on a journey back in time by exchanging vows, exchanging rings, praying while bound together with the rosary lasso and pronouncing their dedication to each other with the exchange of coins (arras).

Up until this time, family and friends remained quiet as they watched the re-kindling of love and commitment. But the silence was soon replaced with cheers as the first dance began and everyone joined in a great evening of dancing, live music and excellent food and drink.

The Event Scrapbook we created for their anniversary reflected their bridal colors of silver and purple and included pictures of some of the most important people in their lives. Everyone who signed tags, note cards or autograph pages were excited to be a part of their 25th Anniversary keepsake … and we were just as excited and honored to have been asked to create it !

Congratulations Maria del Rosario andJoseLuis on 25 years of marriage! We wish you continued love, happiness and prosperity throughout the coming years.