Kristie and Chris’ Wedding Shower

Wedding showers always show much of the future Bride & Groom's personality. Kristie and Chris's wedding shower was intimate, relaxed, informal and very inviting. Friends and family helped to bring warmth to the gathering by bringing handmade table decorations of freshly cut flowers in decorative mason jars, homemade baked goods, "advice" cards and decorative clothes… Details

Amy and Greg’s Wedding Shower

What do you get when approximately 75 women gather together bearing gifts?  The makings of a fabulous wedding shower!  And that's just what Amy & Greg's Wedding Shower was -- a fabulous gathering of family and friends who made sure that their shower would be one to remember.  Beautiful votive lamps were placed on each… Details

Dayna and Tony’s Wedding Shower

Family celebrations are always a happy occasion ... and that's what Dayna and Tony's wedding shower was today.  The day was filled with hugs, kisses, smiles and laughter as they were showered with loving attention and with just over 80 people in attendance, that sure was ALOT of loving attention! The Bride-to-Be loves things that have… Details

Laura and Michael’s Wedding Shower

Laura & Michael live in Washington and flew in to attend their wedding shower that was organized by her family and friends.  When they walked through the front door of Vincitori's Restaurant in Westmont, they were warmly greeted with smiles, hugs and congratulatory wishes.  Just moments before, the tables were being decorated with flowers, shower… Details